Whether you are speaking with your doctor about SOLIQUA 100/33 or if you have been prescribed SOLIQUA 100/33, here are some tools and resources to help support you.

Making the change

You may have some questions about starting treatment. Our brochure can help you learn more about how making the change may help you get closer to your A1c goal.

Blood Sugar Tracker

Tracking your blood sugar every day, as directed by your doctor, is one of the most important things you can do to help manage your type 2 diabetes. Print your blood sugar tracker now and return here for a new tracker whenever needed.

Food Diary

Use this diary to record your meals, and how they may affect your blood sugar, so you can share with your doctor. Print your weekly diary now and return here for a new one whenever needed.

TeamingUp for Diabetes

Learn more about how TeamingUp can help you move toward your goals.

Pay as little as $9* with the CO-PAY Card

Eligible commercially insured patients pay as little as $9* for a 30-day supply.
*Maximum savings of $365 per pack. Terms & conditions apply.