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One pen. One dose. Once daily.

SOLIQUA 100/33 is injected once a day within one hour before your first meal using the prefilled disposable SoloStar® injection pen. Even if you're familiar with SoloStar® or other insulin injection pens, it’s important to learn how to use SOLIQUA 100/33 before you use your pen for the first time.

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Get to know your SOLIQUA 100/33 pen

SOLIQUA® 100/33 pen image

The SOLIQUA 100/33 Pen
For a daily dose range of 15-60 units

One Pen. The SOLIQUA 100/33 pen uses the award-winning SoloStar® technology—the most frequently used disposable pen technology in the world.

One dose. SOLIQUA 100/33 has a daily dose range of 15-60 units. Your doctor will prescribe the right dose for you. Each pen contains 300 units of medicine.

Once-daily use. You inject your dose once a day within one hour before your first meal of the day.

Special features help you select and inject your prescribed dose

Small thin needle
that goes just under the skin.

Needle not included with pen. Always use needles compatible with your pen.

SOLIQUA® 100/33 selector dial and push-button injection image

Dose selector dial and push-button injection
work together so you can select and inject your prescribed dose.

SOLIQUA® 100/33 small thin needle image

Large dose window
lets you clearly see your selected dose. Each line in the dose window equals 1 unit of SOLIQUA 100/33.

SOLIQUA® 100/33 large dose window image

Helpful tips for using SOLIQUA 100/33

Before you use SOLIQUA 100/33

Your healthcare provider should teach you how to inject SOLIQUA 100/33. However, before you use your pen:

  • Read all the information that came with your pen, including the Instructions for Use.
  • Speak with your doctor or healthcare provider if you have questions about your pen or do not understand the instructions.
  • Know your dose and don't change your dose unless directed by your doctor.

Take special note

  • Do not re-use needles.
  • Do not use a syringe to remove medicine from your pen.
  • Do not share your pen with other people, even if the needle has been changed.
  • Check the label on the SOLIQUA 100/33 pen each time you inject to make sure you are using the correct medicine.
  • If you have problems handling the pen or can't see the numbers in the dose window clearly, have another person prepare and inject your dose.
SOLIQUA® 100/33 (insulin glargine & lixisenatide injection) 100 Units/mL & 33 mcg/mL pen image

When dialing your dose

  • Do not dial your dose by counting the clicks or you may dial the wrong dose.
  • Always check the number in the dose window to make sure you dial the correct dose.
  • As you dial your dose, you may notice that the dose window is black between 2 units and 15 units. This is because SOLIQUA 100/33 should not be used for a dose of less than 15 units.
SOLIQUA® 100/33 Once Daily dose image

When to inject

  • You should inject your dose once a day within one hour before your first meal of the day.
  • If you miss a dose, skip the dose and continue as prescribed on the next day. You should never administer two doses on the same day or increase the dose to make up a missed dose.

Choosing a place to inject

You can inject SOLIQUA 100/33 in three areas of your body:

  • Anywhere in your stomach area, except for a two-inch radius around your navel
  • In the fatty tissue on the outer back area of your upper arm
  • In your thigh, away from your knee

Take special note

  • Always rotate the injection sites within the area you have selected. DO NOT use the same exact spot for each injection.
You can inject SOLIQUA® 100/33 in three areas of your body illustration

Storing your SOLIQUA 100/33 pen

Before you use your pen for the first time:

  • Store with cap on in original packaging.
  • Refrigerate between 36°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C).
  • Do not freeze. If you accidentally freeze your pen, throw it away.
  • Discard if past expiration date and use a new pen.

After you use your pen:

  • Do not put the pen back in the refrigerator.
  • Keep your pen at room temperature below 77°F (25°C).
  • Do not store your pen with needle attached.
  • Store with cap on to protect from light.
  • Discard the pen 28 days after first use.

Always keep your pen and all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.