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SOLIQUA 100/33 Medicare Part D coverage is expanding

Good news! As of June 1, 2018, 7 out of 10 Medicare Part D members are eligible to get the lowest branded co-pay* for SOLIQUA 100/33. It’s now covered by Humana®, SilverScript®, UHC/AARP®, Cigna-HealthSpring®, and WellCare®. You can verify your coverage by using the Medicare link below, as your healthcare plan can change during the year.

Are you covered? Check now on

Visit the Medicare Part D Plan Finder at and enter your information in the “Personalized Search” section. Since Medicare Part D plans may change their lists of covered drugs over the course of a year, you can double-check to see if your prescriptions are covered.

Not covered? You may be able to change plans.

Use the Medicare Part D Plan Finder to check whether you’re eligible to change your plan to one that covers your prescription medicines, including SOLIQUA 100/33. If you are covered by Medicare, you are not eligible for the SOLIQUA 100/33 Savings Card.

Request a Coverage Exception Form.

If your doctor agrees you should stay on a prescription medicine that is no longer covered, you can request a Coverage Exception Form from your plan provider. This is a way to formally ask your plan provider to cover your prescription medicine, and may allow you to stay on medicine prescribed by your doctor.

While you’re waiting for a response, you can request from your pharmacist a transition refill – a one-time, 30-day-supply refill of your prescription medication at your same co-pay.

Where do I find the form?

The Coverage Exception Form can be provided by your Medicare Part D plan provider’s website or customer service line. This information can be found on your Medicare Part D card.

How do I complete the form?

Take the form to your doctor and they can help you complete any remaining portions of the form so you can submit it to your plan provider.

Look for a letter from your Medicare Part D plan provider

You will receive a letter in the mail confirming or denying your coverage.

If you have additional questions about your coverage, you can call your Medicare Part D insurance provider to help you through the process. That number can be found on the back of your prescription card.

Starting on SOLIQUA 100/33? You’re eligible for personalized patient support from the COACH program. Sign up today.