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Tools & Resources

Here are some tools and resources you can use — whether you have been prescribed SOLIQUA 100/33, or you are just talking about it with your doctor.

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  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor callout icon

    Questions to Ask Your Doctor

    Could a treatment change be right for you? Learn what to ask about SOLIQUA 100/33 and blood sugar management.

  • Making the Change callout icon

    Making the Change

    You may have some questions about starting treatment. Our brochure can help you learn more about how making the change may help you get closer to your A1c goal.

  • Blood Sugar Tracker callout icon

    Blood Sugar Tracker

    Use this tracker to record and share your blood sugar levels with your doctor. It can help you and your doctor see how your diabetes treatment plan is working and if adjustments are needed.

  • How To Use the SOLIQUA® 100/33 Pen callout icon

    How to Use the SOLIQUA 100/33 Pen

    Read the Instructions for Use to learn the 6 steps for using SOLIQUA 100/33.

  • Sanofi Patient Connection callout icon

    Sanofi Patient Connection™

    Sanofi Patient Connection is a program designed to assist patients through three main types of patient financial support:

    • Reimbursement Connection™
    • Patient Assistance Connection
    • Resource Connection