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Changing from Lantus®?
Here's what you should know.

Lantus® (insulin glargine injection 100 Units/mL) and SOLIQUA 100/33 use the same award-winning SoloStar® technology, and share several key features. However, there are a few differences. So be sure to speak with your healthcare provider about how to use SOLIQUA 100/33 and follow the Instructions for Use.

What’s different between Lantus and SOLIQUA® 100/33 pen icon

What’s the same

Both Lantus® and SOLIQUA 100/33 feature:

  • Push-button injection
  • Easy-to-view dosing window with large print
  • Dial-in dose
  • Small, thin needle that goes just under the skin

What’s different

Here are some key differences you'll want to note:

What’s Different SOLIQUA 100/33 Lantus®
Medicines in Each

Combines 2 medicines:

  • 100 Units/mL insulin glargine
  • 33 mcg/mL lixisenatide

Contains 1 medicine:

  • 100 Units/mL insulin glargine
Dose Time

Use once a day up to one hour before your first meal of the day.

Use once a day, at the same time each day.

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